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Are Wengers Disciples Preparing A Cross?


There are points in history upon which tides can turn. Jesus once said “There is a traitor amongst us” when referring to Judas Iscariot at the last supper. It appears that the last of Wenger’s disciples are now preparing a cross upon which he will be found. An unfitting end to an era of Arsenal’s history upon which many could have looked back on and regarded Arsene Wenger undoubtedly as the greatest ever manager. Instead of leaving  on a high with an FA Cup win under his belt, he is in danger of destroying his entire legacy that he built with the club.

Whilst many will point out that he has guided us through some very turbulent times and that we only need to look at ‘that lot up the road’ to see how badly things could have been, we should really be more concerned with our own position and the way we are going forward. Not anybody else.

Except our problem at the moment appears to be how we fair against everybody else, with the answer being undeniably poor at this time.

Our latest match to Swansea was our 18th of the season in all competitions. You could almost discount the Capital One Cup match to Southampton if you wish but ultimately, it was still a competitive game and one we were once again found wanting in. Most fans appear to base their views on our season so far around years of experience on Football Manager and knowing which youthful gem to unearth and why we haven’t signed him yet. But for the most knowledgeable fans amongst us there is a bigger picture.

With only seven, yes you did read that right, seven wins out of 18 so far, our season has started appallingly. We have been unable to beat any team outside the bottom six and have been exposed in each match by Wenger’s poor recruitment policy not just in this window, but in previous as well. It is to my mind, suicide to play a left back at centre half when we have a right back in Hector Bellerin who can cover Calum Chambers adequately.

I mentioned in a previous article that we also appear to be bending over backwards to fit square pegs into round holes, not only is our defensive frailties an exceptional point of this but also similar with Wenger’s substitution policy. Unless a player has been injured, I forget the last time we made an active substitution before 70 minutes in a game to make a difference, it is sheer negligence and it’s no wonder we are hearing chants from opposition fans calling for Wenger to stay. They all know he’s passed it and yet some of our fans still preach to him like the messiah.

A messiah who is sharpening his own sword and placing it at sufficient angle to impale himself upon.

The likes of Alexis Sanchez and Ozil must be wondering what they did so wrong to be subject to this level of torture. One of the worlds best attacking midfielders being played out on the wings and then Alexis appearing to be the only one with desire to play for the club. Never mind the fact that Lucas Podolski (The Clubs best finisher according to Le Prof) has had enough and has lost the best part of three years of his career in North London, under the misguidance of Wenger. Joel Campbell, regarded as one of the best young talents to have come out of the Brazilian World Cup this summer can’t appear to get a game when Wenger clearly favours a fellow countryman and incapable striker in Yaya Sanogo. Who still cannot locate the thing we all like to call a goal.

When will this lunacy end?

Ultimately the tide is turning, more and more people on Social Media are voicing their discontent, and rightly so. Our club should have use the FA Cup win as a springboard to push on this season, but instead we turned down the opportunity to sign the current league leader in assists because we had Ozil (who is now injured) when we could have had an overload of quality in the middle of the park. That in addition to failing to sign the quality players in area’s we needed means that this season could well be the season we as fans finally wave good bye to the Champions League, not of course referring to our guaranteed elimination in the last 16 of Europe’s premier competition. This will be our last season if things are not amended in the coming months. For once Wenger has to be told to spend in January.

Or we as fans have to tell him the time has come for him to be placed upon a cross and hung out to dry…


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