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Andrei Arshavin is just what we need

I know everyone is chuffed with the signing of Andrei Arshavin. I am too and his debut was mega promising. But really, I think everyone has come to the opinion that he wasn’t really what the squad needed positionally but is still a bloody brilliant signing. But after the Roma game, I’d beg to differ.

Yes, he’s not the answer to all our solutions, especially the defensive midfield part, but his signing is one big problem solved. I didn’t really see is and didn’t see the point of the signing at the start, so have to commend Wenger for spotting it.

First of all, his versatility is key. With Cesc injured, Samir can now play in the center to give us that extra bit of creativity and penetration. This leaves Vela to play on the left and we’re looking at an impressive force creatively. That is a midfield that will add the pace to our game that we need.

You also have to look at the other benefits of signing him. Politically, it was a clever move by Arsene. The faith is back in the squad as we have proved we can attract quality names. It has given Arsene that bit more of time that he needs to get the squad sorted, provided we reach 4th place. And it’s good for the squad morally as well as the fact that he adds more experience to the squad.

We now also have someone to take the creative burden off Cesc. One of the main reasons we crashed last season was because Cesc burned, but with Andrei we now have someone to take the mantle and make a difference. You could argue that we have that in Samir but his game is still incomplete. He’ll get there though and very quickly.

Andrei offered us that penetration that we needed this season. That bit of quality. How many times have we groaned at Eboue losing the ball and Alex Song misplacing passes. Then you just remember that pin point cross to Bendtner and it all goes away. He is efficient.

Then there is the quality in depth options. Our midfield next season looks mouth watering. Rosicky, Cesc, Theo, Samir, Carlitos and Andrei all to take up the attacking mantle next season.

But most importantly, did you notice how much better we looked against Roma? Because we scored early, because they took the game to us and that opened up the space that this sideways passing bunch need. But it was the same story last season, how did we succeed then? It was because of Hleb. Whatever your grievances with him, he did one part of his job brilliantly. Creating space for himself and others. Andrei offers that to us as well but with more quality and directness. He can create the space that our other players can take advantage and doing so break down the teams that come to the Emirates and park the team bus and charter plan in front of the goal.

In doing so, his presence was just as vital as the needed DM. If you don’t score goals in football, you won’t win.

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