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An open letter to Mr Ashley Cole, from a gooner

An open letter to Mr Ashley Cole

Dear Ashley.

Five years ago you was at Arsenal and many thought you was the best left back in the world. Won championship medals and had the life that only some can dream about.

The Arsenal boy who made it and became a hero. Life was sweet,£60,000 a week, and to top it off you even had a hot pop star girlfriend who loved you..what a life.

But that wasn’t enough for you was it? You wanted more!

You had everything that many of us dream about but yet YOU wanted more!

Well look at you now, I hope that the extra money you quit Arsenal for was worth it. I hope that mixing with scum like John Terry has made you a better man.

Karma is a wonderful thing.

We are all with you and thinking about your broken leg and your broken marriage. ( NOT ) And lets hope that the rumors are not true and that the Chavs at Chelsea are willing to flog you in the summer…

What a difference five years can make, The grass was not greener on the other side was it mate? In fact you stepped on every piece of dog shit on the way. And now the world hates you…

I f##king love it.

Just think what might have been if you stayed at Arsenal.

Thinking about you…
Members of Arsenal Action

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