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ALL you muppets who defend Wenger are to blame.

Who’s the biggest fools at Arsenal?  Wenger,or the fans that keep defend him?

Our season is now over, and for the 5 season in a row we have nothing to show for it.

Todays game sums Wenger and this bunch of players up. Pass from side to side,pass back, keep the ball, pass, we have a chance to shoot.. But pass!! Pretty football with nothing to show.
How many saves did Kirkland have to make? hardly nothing to do.

This 4-5-1 is just disgusting Nicklas Bendtner had NO support at all.

You can blame poor goalkeeping again but there is only one person to blame for today and the past 5 seasons and that’s Wenger.

Wenger has put together a squad of over rated over hyped players with the losing mentality.

Sol Campbell is the only player at Arsenal who seems to give a F##k. Where is all this great spirit that Wenger keeps telling us about?

The sad fact is that Wenger keeps telling us how great we are and how great the club is looking for the future, Most of you muppets keep falling for this trick. At the end of each of the last seasons Wenger comes out and says the same old shit.

“We have money to spend and in the summer I will address our problems”

“My main goal is to keep this bunch of players together”

Then its

“our players returning will be like new signings”

And then “I didn’t want to sign and it would have killed our young players”

Lets be honest, We have punched well above our weight this season and i really don’t know how we were even still in a title race? But to get to this position and need to win the last 5 games to win the title and then to lose to the spurs and then to wigan is nothing more then a disgrace. And the way our players didn’t even seem to care is what really pisses me off the most.

Its time for a massive reality check for some of you gooners, You cant blame injuries or the ref anymore.

Why have we not won anything since 2005?

Our manager, who 90% of you muppets keep telling me “knows” is NOT up to the job. We have 2 goalkeers of such ineptitude that i doubt that would even get into the West Ham or Wigan team. Wenger sicks with crap like Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson & Silvestre
Wengers 4/5/1  tactics are a disgrace. He wants us to play like Barca but we just dont have the players. Its time to get back to 4/4/2.

And when it was clear to us all that we needs to sign a few player in the transfer window Wenger banked the money “not for the first time”

For all them reasons I hope you can all now see that Wenger is to blame and I hope that you will NOW stop defending him and keep telling us that ” Arsene knows ” or “in Arsene we trust”

Its time the Arsenal board to know how the fans feel, PLEASE Join our forum and comment in this thread ( HERE )

Enough is enough, We cant keep putting up with this crap.


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