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Against whose standards is Wenger judging us?

Really? He said that his team did “better than expected” Against whose expectations though? If he expected his team to finish below third then I think we have a problem. So then why is he judging the season against fans expectations? Seems to be the only time he listens to fans. If he didn’t think we had the squad capable of challenging on all fronts, then we have an unambitious manager and a big problem. If he KNEW that we didn’t have a squad capable of challenging on all fronts, then we have an incompetent manager and a huge problem. But as it is, he probably thought he did have the squad to challenge on all front and the evidence is there in front of him. He failed. Yet he fails to admit. This is the biggest problem, because it seems we have a manager who is blind and incompetent.

More so, over achieving in itself is a problem. Because we over achieve this season, it doesn’t mean we will next season. We weren’t exactly comfortably third and all in all have a weak, think, inconsistent and physically challenged squad. We need to sort that out immediately and money will need to be spent to do that. If we don’t, other teams will and the gap that has slowly been closing between us and the rest will finally close.

How much time are we really going to give this guy? It doesn’t take a genius to analyse a squad. I was pretty certain we’d finish third and trophyless this season because that is the maximum capability of our squad. We are not as good as United or Chelsea. I’d even argue that Spurs have a better squad than us and they have belief now as well…

Yet he claimed at a board meeting that we will win a  trophy this season. He didn’t. Are there going to be no repercussions? Which top team would let this go? He’s been promising us improvements for years but we have never finished above 3rd since we won the F.A Cup. Every season, fans and players say “this is the season, if we don’t win anything this season, I want him out” but at the end, he is always given another chance. Why? Circumstance? Bullshit, no one is as unlucky as that over 5 years. Wenger is a PR genius and some how, some way, always seems to be able to put the blame on some one else.

I mean, look at the polls we posted up a couple of days ago. People were not happy with our performances this year, did not believe we could win the league next year and were not happy with the quality and depth of our squad, but still wanted to give Wenger a new contract. Why? Our demise is Wenger’s fault and he needs to step up and take responsibility. Just how much more time are the fans going to give the guy? Fans fail to realise, that they have the power here. Tsar Nichloas II of Russia – like Wenger – was an autocrat. Yet his people over threw him. Wenger F.C cannot function without the fans and we need to be united in taking him out. Because of a lack of unity, Arsenal F.C seem to think it is ok to treat the fans like shit. It’s clear that he’s the reason for our lack of success. We can blame it on back room staff and players but there has been tremendous shifts in both over the last 5 years. The remaining common factor? Yes, Wenger. I will not give him another season, I want Wenger out now.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a possibility in the near future. Does no one else see how wrong this is?

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